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Celebration Church Outdoor LED Dynamic Display Sign in Lakeville MN

“It was an amazing experience working with Mike Kasbohm and his team. He was extremely professional and always attentive to our needs…customer service is unmatched.

What really set him apart was the way he fought for us with the city. When we started the project the city was not in favor of our sign, but Mike did not take no for an answer. He did all the foot work and brought a proposal to the city. This proposal was enough to get the city to change their policy and gave us permission to get the sign…”

Louis Clemente

Ministry Operations Pastor , Celebration Church, Lakeville MN

Project Details:

In 2019, after seeing thier old manual message board sign from 35w, Mike Kasbohm stopped in at Celebration Church in Lakeville MN to see if there would be interested in converting it to an Electronic Message Center.

It turned out that not only were they interested, they had tried for years to get it approved by the city without any success.

Always up for a challange, Kasbohm went to work to see what he could do.

The goal was to install a Digital Message Center capable of high resolution images and text, that they could control from anywhere using cloud-based software and cellular connectivity to instantly change messages.

However, the zoning code posed a problem as it did not permit the installation of a dynamic display electronic message board at the  height and size Kasbohm was reccomending to safely and impactfully reach the traffic on 35w in both directions.

Kasbohm lead the effort on Celebration Church’s behalf, communicating and meeting with the City of Lakeville adminstation and eventually the Planning Commision and City Council  providing valuable insights and persuasive supporting documentation.

It took nearly two more years, but eventually an amendment to the code was successfully passed, allowing Celebration Church to install a 100% Digital Sign Face at the desired height and doubling the size of the messaging area.

The LED Electronic Message Center now forms the entire sign face, featuring a high resolution 10′ x 15′ wide 8mm watchfire EMC that provides crisp and vibrant messages and full color graphics.

Research, Consultation, and Sign Design by Mike Kasbohm as an Independent Consultant with MKazCo, LLC (now dba Minnesota LED Signs).


16655 Kenyon Ave
Lakeville, MN

Installation Date: September, 2021


Display:  8mm 10’x15′ Watchfire EMC            Sign Type:  Free Standing Sign

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