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FaithPoint Outdoor Digital Church Sign in New Prague MN

“Mike worked with FaithPoint Lutheran on multiple design concepts, ordering, and installation of a 10mm resolution Watchfire Digital Message Center for our new Church outside New Prague, MN.

Throughout the process, Mike was there to assist every step of the way.  A very helpful piece was working seamlessly through the Permit process with Scott County to make sure all information was provided.  Thanks to his efforts, the whole experience went very smoothly.  I’d recommend that anyone needing a Digital Message Center for their location reach out to Mike to see what he can do for you.”

Dave Hagene

Church Board President, FaithPoint Church

Project Highlights:

  • Outdoor Digital Church Sign, LED
  • New Design/Build Dynamic Display


1051 W 270th St, New Prague, MN 56071

Installation Date: August, 2023 


Display:  10mm 5’x10′ Watchfire EMC

Sign Type:  Monument 

A Shining Example of Collaboration: FaithPoint Church & Sign Expert Partner for a Visionary Sign

FaithPoint Church in New Prague, Minnesota, recently having completed construction of its new facility was looking to enhance its communication and engagement with the surrounding community. They envisioned including an outdoor digital church sign using an LED Electronic Message Center (EMC), also known as a dynamic display designed into their new outdoor monument sign as a way to share their message and connect with passersby. However, navigating the technical aspects, new sign code parameters, and design considerations presented a challenge.

Lighting the Way with Expertise

Enter Mike Kasbohm, independent digital sign consultant (and now founder of Minnesota LED Signs). Recognizing the church’s vision, Kasbohm offered not just a product, but a collaborative partnership. He took the time to:

  • Understand their needs: Kasbohm listened intently to FaithPoint’s desire to improve communication and outreach. He grasped the importance of the sign reflecting their spirit and integrating seamlessly with the facility and community.
  • Demystify the technology: Kasbohm thoroughly explained the workings of an EMC and how it could be incorporated into their vision. He addressed their concerns about size, legibility, and safety, ensuring the sign would be effective and adhere to regulations.
  • Navigate the complexities: Kasbohm’s expertise extended to understanding the new sign code parameters and the unique challenges posed by the changing road elevations and seasonal corn crops surrounding the church. He considered factors like speed limit and set-back distance to determine the optimal size for the message center, ensuring clear visibility and impactful communication within the timeframe drivers would see the sign as they drove by.

Outdoor Digital Church Sign – The Perfect Blend of Form and Function:

Through collaboration, the ideal solution emerged: a 5’x10′ 10mm resolution watchfire EMC combined with an internally lit routed aluminum Static ID area for their logo, and large value-engineered stone columns to provide additional height. This not only ensured a dynamic and impactful platform for messaging but also maintained the brand identity.

Kasbohm’s attentiveness went beyond mere functionality. He incorporated architectural elements from FaithPoint’s new church facility into the design proposal, resulting in a monument sign that not only served its messaging purpose but also harmonized with the new facility’s aesthetics.

A Beacon of Community Connection:

The final product was more than just a sign; it was a symbol of FaithPoint’s commitment to the community. The vibrant EMC allowed them to share their message in an engaging way, while the thoughtful design reflected their unique character. This successful collaboration highlights the power of partnering with an expert.

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