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“Our new digital message center sign is all we could have hoped for. Our club has experienced a noticeable increase in business, especially drop-in lunches and dinner. It has been worth all the time and effort in planning and working through permitting issues with city and we appreciate that effort led by Mike Kasbohm for a successful outcome!

Pat Silovich

1st Vice Commander, American Legion Forest Lake

SLP Rec Center Digital LED Sign Monument Sign

Project Details:

American Legion in Forest Lake MN was looking for ways to bring more customers through their doors. They knew if they could catch the attention of the traffic passing by every day, that would be the key, and adding an LED dynamic display freestanding sign seemed to be the most logical way to do it.

When Mike Kasbohm took over the project he discoverd that there would be a number of challenges as their unique property posed permitting hurdles to placing a digital (Electronic Message Center, or EMC) sign that could be configured and located to optimize viewing, message impact, and their investment.

To do so, not only would a Variance be required, but rather three. The first for the digital dynamic LED display size, then sign height, and finally setback.

Mike provided all the necessary supporting documentation and worked alongside members of the Legion through numerous planning and city council meetings, eventually culminating in the successful variance approvals and landing within the carefully planned budget set many months prior.

Research, Consultation, and Sign Design by Mike Kasbohm as an Independent Consultant with MKazCo, LLC (now dba Minnesota LED Signs) working in conjunction with Think Digital Signs.


355 W Broadway Ave,
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Installation Date: July, 2022


Display:  10mm 3’x7′ Watchfire EMC                  Sign Type:  Pylon

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