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Pahl's Market Outdoor Sign Retrofit with LED Electronic Message Center

“Love the sign and has brought in way more business. Worth the investment. Great service from Mike Kasbohm he knows how to take care of a customer and helps you every step of the way!”
Jack Pahl

Pahl's Market

“After the new sign was installed I cut off all other forms of advertising I was paying for and the store hasn’t skipped a beat. I can’t wait to see what it does for our normally slower off-season. The transformation from our old sign to the new for our investment exceeded our expectations.”
Gary Pahl

Owner, Pahl's Market

Project Details:


When Mike Kasbohm met with Pahl’s Market, they were looking to update their manual message board sign that had served them for many years. They knew that when they posted a special offer on their old sign customers would come in. The problem was they were limited to two rows of manually changed black letters that didn’t stand out, it took too much time to change, and it was not a task they looked forward to—especially in the cold and winter season—which happened to be the season they were focused on to increase traffic and revenue.

The goal was made clear, utilize as much of the existing sign structure as possible so they could concentrate their investment on the digital LED message display area with a high quality electronic message center (EMC), optimizing that space with brighter, clearer, and more effective advertising including images that they could control and engage more effectly with the many cars passing by every day.

A main hurdle was that the existing sign code limited what they were able to do to a much smaller sign than they already had in regard to height of the sign and overall square footage if they were to change the sign by incorporating dynamic digital display.

We came up with a plan to retrofit the existing structure utilizing cost-effective design and materials, and worked with the City on the Pahl’s behalf to obtain approval for the project for a sign roughly the same height and square footage as their old sign, and maximizing the allowable dynamic display area corresponding with the amended sign code utilizing a 5′ H x 8′ W 16mm Watchfire EMC.

Research, Consultation, and Sign Design by Mike Kasbohm as an Independent Consultant with MKazCo, LLC (now dba Minnesota LED Signs). 



6885 160th St W, Apple Valley, MN

Installation Date: July, 2019


Display:  16mm 5’x8′ Watchfire EMC                  Sign Type:  Monument
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