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Saint Louis Park Rec Center Outdoor LED Digital Display Monument Signs

“…was amazing to work with. Mike Kasbohm and his team did an outstanding job from initial ideas to final install…”

Jason Eisold

Rec Center Manager, SLP Rec Center

SLP Rec Center Digital LED Sign Monument Sign

Project Details:

SLP Rec Center was interested in adding dynamic display LED signs to engage with the Saint Louis Park Community and visitors by reaching traffic passing by their recreation facilities.

During the Site Study research, it became clear that in order to accomplish the goals management had for the signs, a larger electronic message center than the existing code permitted would be required.  Mike worked with the Rec Center Management team and City Planners successfully to accomplish that goal.

The next order of business was creating a design that reflected the iconic building architecture and seamlessly incorporated 5’x8′ dynamic LED displays along with architectural features that complimented the unique and highly recognizable features of the main building structures.

Mike collaborated with Jason and his team fine tuning the details for two Monument signs (one single-sided and one 2-sided) installed in December, 2022.

Research, Consultation, and Sign Design by Mike Kasbohm as an Independent Consultant with MKazCo, LLC (now dba Minnesota LED Signs). 


3700 Monterey Drive
Saint Louis Park, MN

Installation Date:  December, 2022



Display:  6mm 5’x8′ Watchfire EMC                Sign Type:  Monument 

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