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We Help Rec Centers Increase Traffic and Revenue with Eye Catching Digital Displays.

Having the ability to communicate to your surrounding community all the services and events your Rec Center offers can be a game changer.

In addition to increasing revenue, it will help enhance the experience for events and party rentals by offering time on the display with a vibrant welcome message, or maybe a picture of the birthday girl’s smiling face for an additional fee…the possibilities are endless.

Not only do we design and build it, but we’ll also help you incorporate digital marketing into your outdoor sign. Done right, an electronic message center (EMC) will empower you to grab the attention of the many passing by your facilities every day to let them know about the variety of events, services, and rental opportunities they might otherwise not be aware of.

Imagine owning and controlling your own digital marketing platform to invite more traffic into your recreational center.

We can monetize Indoor space too with Video Walls and Digital Scoreboards, at the same time dramatically enhancing sporting and other events.


Saint Louis Park Rec Center Outdoor Monument Sign with LED Dynamic Display

Outdoor Rec Center Sign with Dynamic LED Display.

Cities of all sizes have a unique opportunity to market to their surrounding communities through electronic message centers (digital signs). An investment in a Dynamic Display Sign will provide better engagement, increase revenue, help local businesses and organizations, and provide a more impactful experience. Let us show you how it can pay for itself quickly!

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